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Been doing a lot of these keys for the train company that is also my landlord. barrier keys. On the left is a blank, on the right shows how much I have to cut away. The last order was for 100, I ordered a new blade (it's just a cyclone, but suits my needs). About 20 keys in I noticed three of the teeth had broken off.

Should I change to "softer " brass blanks to stop this happening again, or was I just going to fast. I don't think I was, there was no rush with the order, and I was doing them in batches of 7/10 over 4 days.




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Should not be breaking teeth on those at all no matter how quick you go.


Return the cutter to your supplier and get them to inspect it.


I have noticed that a few Silca cutters on my old Record plus have lost teeth but usually after cutting a few thousand keys first, it does seem to be something i had noted and cannot remember many cylinder machine cutters loosing teeth over the last 35 years so it may be the way they are produced with more impurities in the metal.

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Those of us who are not as chummy with our supplier as you say you are with yours might find this difficult - I know I've tried it with SKS and they weren't interested.


Sorry but if you have a good relationship or not you still have the right to complain, especially if it is a new cutter.


Don't just take the first no as the final answer, pursue it ask for it to be returned to the manufacturer at the very least for them to inspect and test.


We have found certain defects and manufacturing issues with key blanks/cylinders and padlocks and always report the issue back to either supplier and/or manufacturer.

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Maybe grind the blank first on shoe machine or grinder? That should save the cutter a lot of work

you shouldn't need to do this, also you might even slip and worse still cut yourself!

get a tungsten carbide cutter which should make all your key-cutting easier and although costs a lot more be well worth it

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