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Accountant situation

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Gave my ( well organized ) paperwork to my accountant of four years on may 12th. Told him I needed them done in 4-6 weeks, to meet an early July deadline. Had to chase him up 4 times, and finally collected today.( that's 9;weeks) I find this an unreasonable length of time, never had this problem before. Will not be using him next year.

Might consider doing it myself on line, as my business is small, well organized and with no complications like staff or mortgages, I have done it in the past ( for a friend) and I am relatively good at maths. I sometimes feel the £760 a year charge could be avoided, I am not making a saving of that amount in my taxes or other ways. Love some feedback .


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peace of mind?

you sign off on your accounts so its your fault not the accountants fault doesnt matter how good/bad they are its down to you lol

carry on!

That's 100% right!

I know of a business that the tax bastards 'picked on' His Words and had a full scale investigation, his accountant 'did him a favor' by ONLY CHARGING £50 per hour plus expenses..

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