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I am sure you are aware but

Fraud alert: fake BT email bill delivers malware
 Marika Samarati  26th June 2017

Action Fraud has warned BT customers about a malicious email supposedly sent by BT. It has the subject line “New BT Bill”  and contains a link that automatically downloads the Dridex banking malware when clicked. The malware downloads in a file called “BT bill.zip” without any webpage being opened – so victims don’t know they have been tricked.

The Dridex malware

This type of malware was developed to steal personal information (such as usernames and passwords) with the final aim of getting access to banking online services and accounts and stealing money.

Be wary of unsolicited emails

On average, users receive or send 124 business emails per day and 16 of those received are spam that bypasses security filters (Email Statistics Report, 2015-2019, The Radicati Group). Phishing emails are a threat we face every day and one that most of us are inadequately prepared to handle. If we knew how to detect fraud and identify the bait at first glance, we could dramatically reduce our chances of falling victim to such attacks.


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