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Just to let you all know that if you've sold summat for a decent price on here, or you regularly sell stuff, that the Forum is still accepting donations to the Jimmy Mizen charity.


All donations are greatly appreciated.





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Are you sure that the Jimmy Mizen charity is no longer active ?


It would seem that all that is not working is the Virgin Money giving page. Is this because of the change to City Safe ?


Hi. The charity is still active, but the forum justgiving page is no longer active. Apparently the virgin money pages are only valid for 2 years at which point they close down. Instead of starting a new one we are giving the whole forum a chance to select a charity of their choice. If they choose the Jimmy Mizen foundation again then that is what we will support for the next 12 months. We will conduct a vote week commencing 26th June on the charities nominated on this thread. Whoever gets the most votes will become the forum charity for 12 months.

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Hi. This weekend is the last chance to get you nominations in for the new forum charity.

So far the suggestions are:

RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution
NSPCC - Childline
Guide Dogs

SSAFA - Armed Forces Charity
Jimmy Mizen Foundation
RFEA - The Forces Employment Charity

If you have any other suggestions for a charity (small or large) then please let us know in the thread by Sunday 25th June. Thanks :)

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