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K and b finishing machine going backwards

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I got given a machine that has edge trimmer scourrers and brushes I gave it a good inspection and plugged it into my phase converter and it chatters quite loud and the scourer goes backwards. I notice when reading the phase converter manual it had notes Saying ,,,,, if the machine which is to be fed from the converter ,has a contact starter it should be noted that the control circuit should be fed from the two live phases l1 an l3 on the plug .. should the contact chatter or not operate at all, this indicates the control circuit is not fed from lines l1 and l3,,, seems a bit confusing owever the plug is wired l1 black. L2 brown l3 blue ...... since the motor is running backwards I'm guessing switching the hot phases i.e. L1 and l3 would remedy my situation ,,,, ?...

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It's much more complicated than that regarding contactors. Will depend whether 240 or 400v contactors, settings on convertor if it is a static one, sizes of motors to comply with convertor ratings and switches. As for going backwards you can switch any 2 of the phases.

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