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Id63 40bit emulated on cn2 with Tango working without issue haven't tried making the 80bit version onto cn5 chips yet as they seem to be just as elusive as the normal 80bit 63 at the moment.

Otherwise everyone has been getting remote keys. Once you explain to the customer that due to parts availability a remote key is currently the only option available most of them are fine.

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the id63 80 bit enmulate fine to cn5 on tango , rumour is cn900 can or will also do this , silca can emulate these to their new 4d 80 bit chips once theres stock in the uk , aldridge have these at present ready to be coded with your obd programmer at £8.99 so no need to convert if you dont have rw4 , so i suspect its only a matter of time before keyline , handy baby and the rest can also do the same .


for those with no stock of these and no access to a machine that can emulate these yet  , then buy up old keys and harvest the chips , sell just remotes as has been suggested already , buy from hickleys or china what is available , or get friendly with a member who does have the kit to emulate these and buy a stock of emulated chips from them , theres always a way .


im surprised no supplier has started selling the emulated cn5 chips yet or similar , it wont be long before one cracks on to this or an ebay seller does .

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