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Couple of weeks ago I was asking which laser & dimple machine to get to upgrade my crappy one, you guys said RST Mustang is the way to go.


The problem is that now, I don't want to spend the money ;-0 and I was thinking to carry on saving until I can get Silca Futura Pro.


It seems that this machine does everything automatically and it does cylinder, dimple and car keys.


I think even with any issues, it will do things faster than bad operator (me) & RTS Mustang.


Now, is the Silca Futura the ultimate machine for a very small shop?




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I would actually say buy a Silca matrix instead (the one with tilting jaws), it's a lot quicker and you will find very accurate (after you become accustomed to it)

the Futura is so slow you will probably lose customer's and if your busy it can be a pain in the a...,

there are jaws to do the Magnum and Ultion dimple and unless you're a complete buffoon they are so easy and fast to do.

the only thing if you want to do Cylinder key's (if you have not got a cylinder machine) it does not do these but for less than a couple of hundred quid you could buy a second hand one.

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