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Just been trying to cut some Yale Superior keys - this time using genuine blanks because SKS were out of stock of the JMA ones.




The cutter broke.

So frustrating! There's any profit margin gone from the job straight away.


Are you supposed to cut the 'snake' cut in a few depth passes? I find with the JMA blanks this wasn't necessary.

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Your supposed to do three passes of the snake cut. DO NOT USE genuine blanks.


Buy the NW keys 1.5mm cutter they are shorter in the blade and although they blunt eventually i never had one snap.




So pleased i finally bought the tilting jaw for my triax, i  cut over 50 of these before i had to replace the cutter using Silca blanks.


The Keyline blanks from NW keys are pretty soft as well.

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Anything else I should order from NWKeys at same time Mr Graham? I don't order from them more than once a year so might as well get it all at once if they do stuff nobody else does.


On that note, anyone got stock of the cheap Oxford padlocks and chains? SKS used to do them but they don't seem to have any stock anymore. They retailed out at between £10-£20 and were great value. Popular sellers. Gone.


Looking at buying from NWKeys Keyline YE75 and Keyline MGN1SP instead of the genuine Yale Superior keys which have caused me so much woe. Are they a good buy or would you recommend Silca all the way? I'm aiming for soft steel...soft as butter...

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