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Decoding Mul-T-Lock 06 Classic keys from a photo

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Due to the telescopic pins inserted into the main pins, the key will have an outer, or main cut, and inner one.


The 5 outer cuts can have 4 depths, the 5 inner ones can have 5 depths. Right?


The depth of the inner cut is dependent on the depth of the outer one.


How do I work out that dependence, please?

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The inner cuts are usually -1,0 or +1 depending on the outer depth so a 3 outer could have an inner depth of 4,3 or 2. and a 2 outer could have a 3,2 or 1 inner.


I have not come across any with a step of 2 but they could be on master keyed suites.


Get a jewellers eye piece it makes it a lot easier to figure out.

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