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Window vinyl

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We have a window which a) looks very tatty from the outside and B) gets direct sunlight which makes our ePOS displays difficult to read.


Anybody any tips on who to order window adverts from? i.e. like a vinyl that could be stuck onto the window with adverts on it.


I guess I need someone to design this for me... bit lost.

I've done some Googling but I'm not happy I understand the marketplace.



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I just had my shop windows done in a tint film from the inside, looks awesome and kiosk screens are visible now. The only thing is that you will need some powerful graphics stuck on the outside as well so shop doesn't look like it's closed.

You can get tint film from here http://www.mdpsupplies.co.uk/carbonfilm.asp

I've put 35% as the shop was getting very hot in the summer, now we enjoy the sunshine instead of hating it.

I hope this helps NYKEYS :wink:

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