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I'm a bit lost with this shutter key profile


I have tried ie9 (and subsequently a thinned down ie9 which went into the lock a little).... vi13 doesnt look right, neither does ff15... 


I dont have any ff14's in stock but until the order arrives does anyone have any opinions of the right blank?





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thanks for the replies.


got my hands on some ff14's ... they dont look right but the main problem is they are not long enough...  neither is pf2


the key is about the same length as the silca IE9 (or jma equiv IS4) but they will not go in despite being thinned down..

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For any of you that need closure... :-D


Cut all the a fore mentioned keys and the only one that went in was a thinned down ff14.  Regular ff14 went a wee bit in.  I didn't think it was going to hit the last cut because it was 6/7 mill shorter, but it did the job.


Apparently he got this lock newly fitted to a commercial premises as an "emergency" and the "locksmith" has an old one in his van with only one key.  So i would imagine this was removed from another commercial premises because they couldn't get any spare keys cut.


Thanks again for the help and suggestions.

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