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Broms Cobb


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just having 3 PHASE fitted into another shop - has this done before some 20 years ago or so and thought it might be the same

pay them,

they fit,

all happy 





then gang - dug across road

other gang to fit 3 phase,

another guy to fit meter

another guy to connect inside property,

oh, and we have now to dig inside shop 2ft square hole and deep ffs

what the feck is going on, I wont tell you how much this all costs but will be a late night tonight as the hole has to be done for tomorrow morning  :(



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they must be some powerful vapes your selling

glad you had a plan for this shop

pure muppetry which isnt what i expect from you sir! :)

carry on!



planned, surveyed, they planned also, first guy one idea, 2nd another - ope less

but all done :)

finished by Monday (I hope)

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