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Browsing through msnnews over the week end. Saw an advert from a price comparison site.(a reputable one) "Are you pay too much for card transactions? Just fill out the forms and you will receive quotes via email mail."

Sounded quite good. Fill out and sent. Didn't get any e mails,but did get quite a few phone calls

From companies on Monday morning, and a rep coming out see me (I told them not to bother, and will tell him I'm not interested if he turns up).

Just a bit annoyed, with myself for letting my guard down.

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yup, we all do it :(

last time I had about 30 calls, and got quite rude with the constant questions I am sure they think we sit at desks instead of serving customer's 

I know that they have jobs and appreciate there only answering our enquiry but takes the Pi55 anyhow

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My dad and I run our business and we had a conversation one morning about our electricity supply contract coming to an end soon. That afternoon ( unbeknown to me) he went on a comparison site for new deals.


The phone went mad all afternoon, one even said "Mr Cox checked for deals 7 minutes ago....." Blah blah blah.

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