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Cutting Edge Show Sept 24th 2017

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A heads up for the National Cutting Edge Show this year - THE show to see your favourite and best suppliers


It is being held 24th September at the National Motorcycle Museum  If ever you needed an excuse for a weekend this must be one of the best I will be there 2 days early if I can!


If this is the only way you heard about it make sure you get on the Cutting Edge mailing list, drop me a line and it will be arranged.




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Just a little update, all the plans are going very well with all the top exhibitors signed up. The show will open from 09:30 to 17:00 to give you time to browse and chat to us all, if the bikes take your fancy or the family want to have a look around we have arranged half price entry for both Saturday and Sunday if you are here for the weekend. Feel free to ask any questions, further updates will be made nearer the time.

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another show done and dusted

thanks to Chris Wilson for the invite to the meal on the saturday night

thanks to cherry blossom for the entertainment at the table

the show seemed quiet to start

saw Lee 2 or 3 times but was always chatting to someone, have to form a queue the next time to speak to you mate.

the chap on the admission desk was a young looking Robin Healy :)

the show was in 2 halls which was ok they were bright and carpeted and all the usual suspects were on show.

Good crack with Tim from glenway no jokes involved thank f**k

Neal and Peter from siserve always good to see you guys see you in a couple of weeks hopefully

Duncan from Hickleys is a legend

couple of stands with some very interesting materials on for repairs if you werent there tuff shit not telling you anymore :)

only fault was the MIA Gary Unwin on holiday!!

Peter on the Birch stand from the old cuntry was an experience i shall never forget LOL

on a  final note i wish Darren well in his pursuit of reinvigorating SOMSR good luck (but not in a Liam Neeson sort of way)

carry on!






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i was told only 187 people through the doors the quietest show in a long time

Remember these figures are for everyone who walks through the door, not 187 businesses, I reckon there were only 100 or less businesses represented, most people wre in two's or three's.


Only 6 years ago the headcount was double, wake up Cutting Edge!

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The reason that people aren’t attending is that there isn’t an incentive for the next generation. Products and information are all available online.


There needs to be a draw. There was no competition this year. How about awards for different categories/repairs rather than the same thing each year.

Actual product demonstrations, things you can’t get online.

Hot coffee and cold beer.


I decided to go at the last minute, the whole day cost me about £200. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, it was good to meet up with other repairers and suppliers, and while I will probably go next year, it’s easy to see why people aren’t bothering to make the trip

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Why not have an on-the-day competition where you are timed to do a specific repair to an acceptable standard?


Get the young ones motivated as they're probably the most competitive.


What about encouraging people to book for the show online and have a decent mystery prize draw that they can only win by actually attending?


Make better provision for hotels, a decent meal and a proper night's entertainment that isn't too expensive to encourage people to turn up the night before and make a good night of it. EG: find a local hotel that's willing to put on a live act or has a 70's or 80's themed night and a disco - I'd most certainly attend summat like that.


Also, find a place that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for sustenance.......................



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personaly I couldn't understand a word he said . mind in fairness he probabaly wouldn't have understood me, but I do think that there should be events throughout the day " the stillettoe heel challenge " perhaps . trouble is & always has been there are many in this trade who can talk the talk but when it comes down too it how many would participate ? , there you go ive just encapsulated whats wrong with british shoe repairers apathy

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Shoe repairing industry is dying a slow death and although there are some extremely talented repairers around (i don't include myself in that) in the lower income towns shoes are so cheap they are not repaired anymore.


Timpsons will end up dominating the industry if they aren't already.


We have seen a decline over the last 10 years of sales of polish, laces and sundries as well as the quality of shoes.


Long term i cannot see it getting any better (will be different for others dependent on competition) in the near future.


If it wasn't going to be such a massive ball ache getting my machines out of the shop i would probably have given up on shoe repairs altogether.


Look how Lee who i think is one of the best repairers around has had to change his plans and move into bike repairs to make ends meet.


Not all will have these worries but it will explain why so few people attend these shows and why they really need something special to attract people in.

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I agree Graham, mine is a tricky position of nearly killing myself off with the forum though!

I was spending too long with and on the site and took my eye off the ball.

Timpson opened 2 extra branches in Lowestoft bringing it up to 3 ( I guess they failed in wanting me out! Lol) and another independent came in too, every flea bites. I took stock and initially thought I needed to do something radical and started bikes which has boomed, but also I stopped doing the forum and refitted the shop and the net result is a continuing growth area in bikes but shoe repairs steadily regaining share because I'm on the ball again and doing jobs as fast as I can instead of spending half the day in the chat room and on the site.

My refit married the two sides of the business together and I'm having one of the best years in a decade. Things have changed for certain but I still see repairs as an important element and the show an essential tool.



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got tp agree with you lee , the days of while u wait repairs  have gone ( sometimes wonder how we used to do it), suppose I was younger , for me the way forward has been searching out decent customers with decent shoes, I remember ordering  pu tops by the 1000s , not to mention liecesters ? in fairness it the keys and watches that  pay the  bills repairs  is  just  in the blood , if people ask what do you do for a living , I answer  shoe repairer not key cutter watch battery fitter 

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I've just been looking at the American equivalent, the Annual SSIA Convention, and it seems like just that, more of a convention rather than a trade show. Competitions, seminars, product displays, SSIA news and elections etc. It seems a group discount for attendees is prearranged at a hotel.

Whatever the future for Cutting Edge, our show will always be smaller, but I think the SSIA are setting a great example of what could be.


On a completely different note – Lee: It’s great to hear things are going well and that you haven’t given up on the shoes!

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