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Freelander cloning with Keyline 884

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I've got a customer with a 03 Land Rover Freelander.  I've tested the key and it has a Phil/cry (id46) chip which the 884 can duplicate (in theory) but Keyline has no horseshoe or pod key suitable for a RV8P style key blade.  So I'm thinking cut an empty key case then put a GK100 into that and give it a try which in theory in my head it should work.  


Has anyone tried this with a Freelander, I'm just a bit hesitant with it being a Land Rover because the electronics can be temperamental at the best of times and I don't want to knacker anything up with the immobiliser.  I turn away quite a few Land Rovers because there is no suitable blade or pod key from Keyline, so if this works it will be a neat little way to clone them.  

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