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Keyline Ninja for sale

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Used for approx 6 weeks November > December 2016 to fill the gap for Yale Platinum keys until the Silca Triax's where updated.


Cut approx 750 keys, not used since January. Original box, all standard jaws + Platinum jaw + cutters etc looks brand new, supplied by Davenports with 9 months warranty remaining.


Happy to demo working if you fancy a trip to Aylesbury!


Please email admin@[Website Removed] for more info rather than message me here as I don't log in to the forum very often.



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Ninja Vortex ??.


Also how much ??.

It's the Ninja vortex > http://www.keyline.it/eng/catalog/electronic-key-cutting-machines/for-laser-and-dimple-keys/ninja-vortex.html


Not a bad back up machine if you have a Triax, it makes a perfect factory replica Magnum/Superior/Platinum C/F cut - I'm considering keeping it for the odd codes that the triax's don't work with. As you know we have several triax machines so it's not really needed any more now Silca have updated the 3 star Yale key, We only bought it to cut this one key to fill a gap.


Price - £2K less than a new one, 750 keys on the clock (all Yale Platinum) Just email me at work as I'm rather fed up with this forum!

admin@[Website Removed] or call me 01296 752080


Anyone is more than welcome to view the machine and cut a few keys etc at our Aylesbury offices.

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