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Shoe Repair and Key Machinery For Sale

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Due to retirement, I am selling all the contents of my Shoe Repair Shop.


  1. 700 Whitfield Wylie Finisher 3 Phase
  2. 6 Trimmers + 1 Sharpening Stone + Groover 
  3. Twin Foot Whitfield Wylie Press Single Phase
  4. 10 Pairs of Cast Iron Lasts for Press
  5. Compressor (2 years old)
  6. Pin Gun
  7. Activator/Lamp
  8. Long Stand + 3 Cast Iron Lasts
  9. Electrical Cutter
  10. Gravograph Type ITL Engraver
  11. 3 types of lettering font / stencils 
  12. Silca Lancer Mortice Key Cutting Machine
  13. Silca Rekord Semi-automatic Cylinder Key Cutting Machine
  14. Silca GT AVA and Tibbi Key Cutting Machine
  15. JMA TRS 5000 EVO Cloning Machine
  16. Silca Fast Copy Cloning Machine
  17. Blank Car Keys and Chips
  18. 6 Fully stocked key boards
  19. Singer Patcher
  20. Lots of stock (rough valuation £1,000)


Open to offers.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

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