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Cobblers old equipment for sale or donation to charity

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History in the making. We would love this to go to a good use for someone either in a museum or be used again in the cobbler trade. 
There are so many tools and machinery from my father in laws cobbler business he had in Manchester for many years. 


We have tried museum's without success but still live in hope. 


We would love them to go to a business who will use them. We are happy to have a one day if we get lots of interest. 

We would love to see his past tools and machinery move on to a new home that will be cherished long into the future.  


The location is Ashton Under Lyne

All enquiries welcome. Business unit also for sale or knock down and rebuild 
Please note, offers are welcome. Monies may well go to charity. We do not want items to go to scrap but cherished well into the future. 
Email for pictures please cazvarns@me.com

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I'm guessing this is regarding the equipment mentioned here:



When you say "or donation to charity", how would that work? Would we write a cheque direct to your chosen charity or would we pay you and then you choose whether to donate it or not?

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