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Hello guys,


Not sure if I am opening this thread in the right subforum, but I'll try. 

I have a problem with the shape of the boot. Top of it is falling inward. There are pictures attached so you can better understand what am I talking about:


It looks ugly, and it is pretty uncofortamble (it's rubbing my foot). They are barely new, don't want to toss them yet if something can be done. Is there any way to fix this? 


Thanks in advance.




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Nope, they actually supinate. Which make these boots even more uncomfortable It is only the lower part of the boot which is pronating.


Not sure if they were ok when I bought them last year, because I wore them only few times.  Right boot is worse, maybe it has something to do with the way they were stored in the shop or in my house?


I have tried different lacing methods, but no, it happens even without laces.

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I think its a combination of a foot that needs looking at, as I think there is some confusion between super-nation and pronation, and a boot that has little support by design.


It has nothing to do with my foot, the boot is looking like this even when there is no foot in it.


Nevermind, I think I'll just throw them. Thank you guys anyway.

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