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ANNOUNCEMENT - New Forum Ownership

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Hi all,


As you may be aware, Lee who created and administrated the forum for almost 12 years has decided to move on and concentrate in other key areas of his business. He has been the driving force behind the forum, and his dedication and commitment to the forum has been second to none, which I hope you will all agree with!


There has been some uncertainty with regards to who will take over the forum, and whether anything will change…


I can announce that we (CitySafeUK) have agreed a deal with Lee to be the new owners of the forum and administrate the site with the same passion and knowledge that Lee has shown.


We have no plans to change the way any of the forum works, as we believe why fix something that isn’t broke. As has always been, we will not be charging people to use the forum, and it

will remain as a free community for all of you to share ideas and ask for help and advice.


We will make sure you are not bombarded with constant ‘buy, buy, buy’ posts, as that is not what this forum has ever been about.


We do have lots of different ideas about how we can advance the forum to take it to the next level. However we would also love to hear your thoughts about what features you would like to see and have on here. Ideas include more technical guides posted in the relevant sections, video tutorials, etc. etc.


If you let us know below what you want, and we will try our best to make it happen!


We look forward to hearing from you all, and we look forward to the start of a great relationship.


Kind Regards,


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