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A jewellers that we do engraving work for has given me some really poor artwork and asked for a quote to put the two images onto a sterling silver whisky tumbler.


It's beyond my skills to redraw them but I'm wondering if any of you might be able to produce vectors for me, and if so how much you would charge? Obviously they'd need to have the watermark removed.


I have searched online for better images and even contacted myfamilysilver.com to see if they would sell us something clearer, but all to no avail.


Thanks, Valerietyrwhitt-drake.jpgtyrwhitt-drake2.jpg



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Thank you. That's really useful.


I've downloaded both volumes and they might take a bit of time to look through as it's being a bit jerky, but the one you've put on here is already producing better results that I had before, so I will persevere.


I had come across a smaller version without the watermark, but it was much more blurred than this one.


Thanks again, Valerie

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