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Carbide heel trimmer

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What's your opinion on them? I've heard they can be really awkward to use and snatch a lot. Do they always do that or is it just initially like any new blade?


Steel ones don't seem to last long and we don't have the facilities to sharpen them, so I am considering carbide. But I don't want to order one for it to then sit in a drawer after a couple of uses.

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Really, where do you buy your cutters?  I've never known cutters to go 'off' as quick as that!  


What Leather do you use?


How much rubber do you trim?


Do you own a ranger?


I would suggest you take off as much material with knife/ranger and maybe scour smooth before trimming so that you are just 'finishing' the edge on the trimmer.


these measures will help extend the life of the cutter.

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I order the 18mm trimmers from Birch.


Leather we use Gruben and JR, although the Gruben is definitely worse for burning so it could be partly down to the leather.


Rubber varies quite a lot. This morning I've put about 30ish pairs of rubber and 4 pairs of leathers through it.


My usual trimming goes ranger/knife -> 18mm trimmer -> mini band -> edge trimmers if needed.


Our edge trimmers supplied by Standard lasted years, although I just assumed that was down to them never removing much material and us having a power using with rotating head so the wear was spread. It's just the 18mm that wear out quick.

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For what it's worth, I'd just like to say how helpful Keith has been via PM. Above and beyond what I'd expect of anyone, nevermind a supplier or forum member.

I mistakenly got tungsten and realised as soon as I unpacked it and it sliced me finger. Sent it back and standard were brill.

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