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We've done watch batteries for years & years, but never got into straps.

Now there is an opening for us to do so, but I'd like your advice as to what to go for.

Ideally, I want to keep it as simple as possible - to be able to buy something like this would be ideal:

Watch Straps 580 plus vat.jpg

Colledges have this for £580 + VAT, in the info it says it has a capacity of 248 straps, I assume this means it comes with 248 straps, but is this a good deal, or can I get something similar elsewhere?
Ideally I just want to be able to buy a package that will cover 80%+ of the most popular items & add to it as we see how demand develops.


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I think our average cost price is around £2 and we sell most at £14.95.

Easy add on when they are in for a battery.

Get them in now because January is normally quite busy on them.

I guess it's because some people were hoping for new watches for xmas but didn't get them so have to fix what they have.

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Just received a delivery from Donald Clarke. Nice core range. Good price. Next day delivery, something Condor doesn't seem capable of anymore, ( big deliveries, one or two straps still arrive next day.) Condor has the wider range and you can't beat there basic leather

(123, 177 etc) but I'll definitely reorder from Donald Clarke, especially the higher end.

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I've been used LBS and Cousins which ive found cheap and ok but must admit the cheaper straps they do dont last long


Should I be looking at Condor and Donald Price?

Are these companies cheaper? more expensive ? is the quality much better?


I know Hirsch are brilliant but that comes with a price and the customers I get are not in that price bracket


Any and all advice welcome

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Always been a condor man. Also stock a few lines of hisch, but they are so pricey.hirsch do a budget range called "marcco". condor prices have been creeping up over the past two years. Never had any luck with lbs stock, but been very pleased with Donald Clarke.I think condor have the best range, Donald Clarke best for price. Some of the Clarke straps seem identical to the cousins straps.

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We've had LBS straps for years, and apart from the odd quality control issue, they're fine. But then the majority of our customers don't want to spend a lot on a strap.


Having said that, we actually had a visit from a Condor rep the other day, the first one ever, and we will definitely be ordering some straps etc. from their lower price range just to add a bit of contrast. It'll be interesting to see which straps sell best.  I particularly like Condor's large range of bracelets.

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