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Howdy Again Folks,


I have exhausted my resources...


Another question on European built Tractor Trailer Trucks / Big Rigs / Semi Trucks, Long Haulers, not sure what they are called in the United Kingdom, or the rest of Europe,


have a 2014  Peterbuilt 220 truck that uses this key below,


DAF embossed into plastic head, and is a Renault key profile with the hole near the tip,


Here it would be an X147 key blank profile, ( Silca NE57 ?? )


customer says the key code is 267 and would like a key cut by code,


hmmm, well I have not been able to find a DAF or Renault code  to fit this code as I believe it should be an all letter Renault code, using MNPRS,


or possibly not a published code series,


I use Inastacode, Genericode  and Codes on Line as code sources,


Would you folks know of the proper code series for this key ??


Or Depth & Space and proper cuts bow to tip ??


Thanking You Again for any help





daf 2.JPG

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Thank You,


sorry no cut available key to decode...


Unfortunately, all we have is the supplied blank & code as in the original post,


so it is go to truck time and fit key by hand, as we do have apparently the correct Depth & Space to go by per Instacode now,


You folks have been a great help,


Thank You Again



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