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year, make, model, engine size and or designation ??


key blanks that have worked for various Hyosung  motorcycles and scooters over here are not necessarily the same profile but work just fine if they enter the keyway,


several will need the shoulders moved back to enter the ignition fully,


here the most common used blank is X121 / MIT1, which is used to pass the profile you posted if I see it clearly, but the shoulders will need to be moved back,


then not in any particular order, KA33 / X278, X243, X210, X6, HY2, HON42,


and lastly trying Hyundai and Kia blanks which also fit several Hyosung locks 

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*Morning Rant*

This is one reason why lost motorcycle keys command such high prices, an average of £100 more than the equivalent job on a car. If people are finding it hard to match a key that they have in front of them and is covered by at least 5 blanks that I can think of, imagine how hard they would find it with no key to start with.


I also see the same keys posted here for ID again and again. It does seem like it's easier to ask the question than work things out yourself, information is now "free" the people requesting it haven't worked for it and it has no value to them.

I still have all my notebooks from when I started out, where I wrote down things that I found tricky and I still refer to them. In this more modern age I take photos at each stage of a tricky job, then I write the job up in a step by step using the photos I took earlier, emailing the resulting document to myself for reference in the future.


I recently did lost keys on a late model Honda Goldwing, 36 photos, 5 page write up, photos of the immo location, where the EEPROM is inside the immo, etc. I have all the keyblank info including part numbers for genuine blanks and who does OEM looking copy blanks. That information took me 3+ hours to write and will save me at least that time the next time I do the job.

I could, if I chose to, guide an absolute beginner through the process over the telephone with the help of that guide and I estimate that it will make me a minimum of £3,000 profit in the future, that information has a value to me, a value that would drastically decrease if it were to become public knowledge.


It used to be that almost all information on locks/cars/safes was obtained in this way, by the sweat of someone's brow, and the information was shared very selectively. We are now in an age where "almost" everything is available by some quick internet searching and some can't even be arsed to spend 5 minutes looking for it.

The people who freely share the information originally did it because they made money from it, Silca for example publish cross reference catalogues to sell more blanks. Now the people on the internet do it to show off, more fool them, complaining that there is no money in the game anymore as it is being taken by the "new starts" they are the ones giving the information freely, they only have themselves to blame.



I have a keyblank with "F3" on it, rather than spend 2 minutes looking at the wall of blanks behind me I will ask for a Key I'D (sic) here.

a brilliant rant if i may say so

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In my defence, and quite possibly that of some others too. I only normally resort to posting a picture and asking for an id after I have exhausted all the key racks, the options in the books, the stacks of boxes in the drawers & cupboards, the search option on the forum, the boss's & my years of key cutting experience, ......... 


Like the idea of keeping photographic records though, might pinch that.



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Hate to go against the flow. Completely disagree. I can think of at least three keys that were id on this forum fairly recently but did not appear in any catalogue.

Dp mortice key ref G3R this appeared on the forum, 407SL was correctly advised on the forum.

The new S& L by screwfix neither sks or hd did it until recently. Was told Nwkeys had them, I'd never even heard of nwkeys.

That was a £40 sale.

A non descript post box key, hd stock the genuine blank.

And I'm sure we all miss the occasional monthly update.

Maybe silca carry a blank but you only stock sks or hd.


I for one will continue to use the forum for key id , along with using the catalogues and websites. I hope other members do too, it is one purpose of the forum, to share knowledge and get advise from other members ( who may have far more knowledge and experience than you, or may have come across a particular key you are after. Feel free to not assist me.

Side note. I wish one of the manufacturers did a postbox catalogue section, like they do for wondow keys.

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At the shows I go to every stand to get a catalogue, even if I don't order from them usually. I am also the type of saddo who reads the catalogue cover to cover, I set myself the challenge of spotting the new blanks.

I am not attempting to dissuade anyone from posting here, more hoping to moan people into getting "better".

I thought this post nicely puts an end to this thread, so I wasn't going to reply.


Couple mouse clicks and the information is there.

This is exactly what Warren is referring to...



However I was talking about a catalogue of postbox keys, an upload showing a dozen of the top cash box keys isn't the same ( I'm sure

Some are used as post box keys.) And hardly proves the point about me being lazy and thick. ( don't worry I didn't take it personally)

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Start at the front, "A"s and compare size with the full size images of the blank, if it's a genuine blank you have then the head shape will also help. When you find one that is the correct size, only then should you compare fluting shape.

By starting at the front and working through to the end you will definitely find it. There is a 50% chance you will find it in the first half (10 minutes or less) and everyone but the most incompetent will be able to disregard half of the manufacturers easily after the first few times of doing this.

If you don't have the blank in stock then you aren't cutting it immediately anyway so take your time. If you do have the blank in stock then look at the wall, how hard can it be to find, you look at that wall 100 times a day every day.


Could we save ourselves time by starting at the "Z"s and working backwards?

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If you don't have the blank in stock then you aren't cutting it immediately anyway so take your time. If you do have the blank in stock then look at the wall, how hard can it be to find, you look at that wall 100 times a day every day.


I tried to find a blank today and looked at "the wall" for ages until I realised it wasn't the wall my key blanks were on.

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