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2003 Mack MV200 big truck, key and transponder ??

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Howdy Folks,


one our forums member has a question,


Customer has a 2003 Mack MV200 that will not start,


not starting gets a anti theft code say's not reading key,


in response to the question i have found some information,


[but sorry that is all the information I have [/b]


I believe this truck is made by Renault in France,


do you folks have any information on key blank and transponder type and programing tool information ??


we do not see many European trucks over here but more are showing up slowly,


  I have not found any information in the US on this trucks key blank & transponder system so far,


could not find it in Silca EKC site either,


Thanking You In Advance



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Thank You Again,




Well it was towed to a dealer to be figured out,


apparently we have no recourse as locksmiths in the US presently for programing and or eprom work on these so far,


hopefully in the future,


this is only the second one reported to have an activated  transponder system,


the other was a 2015 Peterbilt 220 (European model)


all the rest have been reported as transponder system not activated, so a plain metal key would start them,


Again Thank You For Your Help

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