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problem with Gravograph M40G

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Do the left and right arrows work at all? If you turn the machine on you should be able to move the head around using all the arrow keys.


Clearly the movement is there if other jobs work ok, so the issue is probably with the keypad, keypad extension or control board. Best guess is the extension is not connected to the main board properly.

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If it's not the keypad then it's the firmware or board. You can try reloading the firmware.


If machine is USB and running with GS6 or above, run c:/gravostylexx00/firmware/majfirmware.exe and see what it says. Reload firmware by clicking the first update button and then navigating to the firmware folder, then uc_sirius, and select vp_prog.dos.


Email support@gravograph.co.uk if you need an engineer out.

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Depends on your level of expertise. Simple enough to change the board. It's the same board as M20 so you would need to use majfirmware.exe to give it the correct ID. It's about £700 though, so up to you if you'd rather pay for labour and callout.


It could just be the extension cable though. Not sure if you can test eithout the extension though.

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