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Carkey transponder set up for sale....

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Selling up my set as there doesn't seem to be a call for it where I am!Only done about half a dozen keys so going to use it to fund something else!

its the SKS TRS -5000 transponder kit package,including the TRS5000 machine,3x transponder keyboards(with at least 1 key on each peg,some with 3 or 4)a box of chips(2xTPX1,1xTPX2,3xTPH1,3xTPX4,13xTPO5)a Jakey Colt & a Jakey Tibbe(both old but still good working condition,Tibbe has a broken safety screen thing but does come with 2 depth gauge things)

The TRS-5000 comes with its box still,with all cables,plus instruction manuals & blanks/keys catalogues

Also included are approx. 30 horse shoe blanks.

looking for £1750ono for the lot.

send an email address if you want some pics,as due to inherited retardedness I'm unable to upload photos on here...

Collection only I think,as it will be a bugger to post....Located in Worcester,West Mids.

if interested then you can give me a bell 07887654326 or message me here.

Cheers Allan...


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