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Is it just me?


Noone else that I speak to has had to register for workplace pensions.


Not only have I had to register, I have had to have my staff pensions in place by March 2016.


My daughter manages an international company and they have their activation date for next year!


Everything is done now and it is not as complicated as you might think to set it up.


Has anyone else had any experiences with the "pensions regulator"?





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I did ours about 6 months ago, I firstly tried to sign up with one of the large providers (can't remember which one but Prudential or somebody) but that involved huge fees.


I ended up using Nest, a government body set up to make workplace pensions more simple. It's a very no frills service but I does exactly what it's supposed to do.

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Can i ask how much is every one paying?

my first quote was £2000 per employee (from the bank) wankers!

im paying £250 per employee

carry on!



Total all employees but I paid 12 months ago as I figured the nearer it gets to the deadline the more it will cost,

In fact one of my neighbouring businesses told me she was quoted one price six months ago and more now?

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