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Theres so much it can be but start with the simplest I very much doubt its the shuttle. the shuttle driver is held in place by a tapered screw and sometimes loosens leaving too much play (fig17 p17 downloadable manual), it is located through a very small hole in the arm opposite side to handwheel where the driver is try tightening it. If not this may be broken/missing spring in needle bar just above needle clamp which isnt crucial for larger needles but is for thinner needles (part number 8656 of parts list), this holds the thread back when making the loop inside the shuttle holder and helps form the loop. Spring inside the driver should work well (part number 8610) to hold the shuttle to one side, make sure not too much play in needle bar (up & down) next is the nodding donkey on the top working well. From here could be timing issue, last resort is shuttle.

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