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My local council now seem to be putting alot of 6 pin TL blanks (trade lock) on their replacement doors/locks. I do not have an accout with them and for the sake of just getting this blank from them can't see the point of opening one. I was led to believe that a HD wms8 would work, but I have tried these a couple of times but they come back not working. Any other ideas ?


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To confuse things a wee bit more, there seems to be two TL key profiles. 


They are similar.  All the universals will do one of them no problem but its evil twin is a different matter all-together! I ordered the genuine TL blanks and was expecting them to do the job, but they dont.  UL2 will work if you thin it down a bit but would love to know if there's a TL blank for the more awkward profile?

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They sell their own blank for the TL, I have some of them, UAP1 I believe.https://www.davenport-burgess.com/products/UAP1NP-BRASS-NICKEL-PLATED/P129253

Quite why I can find this but they can't I am unsure.


You don't realise that UAP and TL are the same thing.

Look on the "manufacturer" section of the linked blanks.

I have bought the original TL keys ... I have had half a dozen different ones returned, all because they won't go into the lock. Ul2 thinned down is the only thing that will work for me.


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Wozza tends to tell it like it is. Like you cant cut keys because your no good. your machines are wrong and you need to use calipers. 

apart from that though.....

and in some ways he is right, if you buy a TL cylinder yourself and have a go at different ways it is easy, I have never had a TL key back, not that I do many keys anyway

clamping on the first groove is a great way to make sure it works

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Hi Locksafe....If you can me im sure Lee wouldn't mind..


Before i did the thinned down version, half a dozen customers failed to get a genuine TL key to go into their TL lock.  One or two i might have overlooked...


There's two profiles over here in Ireland


1 - the TL blanks/ ul064, ul2 all go into one type,

2 - the other profile (looks a bit like a CARL F profile with TL on the head).... For this only a thinned down universal (UL2) will go into the lock.


I get them coming from Timpsons etc in the last few months because they don't even touch them.


But i will try the HD version if they are different form the genuine TL's?

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