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Ideas anyone?

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You could sublimate them but I always find that the shiny chrome looks a bit milky.  Can they be printed on directly with a UV ink printer?

That was my thinking that it needs to be printed.  Anyone offer that service on the forum?  There are nearly 100 to be done.


I was hoping that I could find some Chrome coated material with brass underneath but apparently there isn't.  Even then it may not work with a diamond

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I just tried some rub and buff on a diamond marked steel brushed plate. It didn't look great. It was lightly engraved though, so it may work if you spin the diamond. You could try a fine cutter and paint or rub and buff but for the effort printing sounds better.

Thanks for taking the time to check for me.  Our engraving workshop is at home so couldn't try here myself.  Was worried that it would where off over time though.  I thinking printing is probably the better solution.

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