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Repaired shoes mark carpet

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I'm after some advice after having a stroppy customer just leave the shop.


Last Friday I repaired her sons school shoes with a rubber stick on sole and rubber heel stuck on with neoprene and finished with bog standard edge ink and polished on the machine like always.


She picked them up on Monday and says that they were bone dry when her son put them on but when he started to walk on them the shape of his sole has been marked all down her stairs and hall carpet and all in her husbands car!


She says something has seeped out of the edges and marked the carpets. 


I have put them under the press and of course nothing is seeping out. I have offered to re-do the soles to put her mind at rest but she seems to think I should be paying for the carpet cleaning.


Firstly has anyone else ever heard of soles seeping something???

and where do I stand if she can prove the marks are from her sons shoes and it will not clean out?







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It seems as though the lad put his shoes on indoors, went to the car, got back out again, walked across the damp grass then back up the stairs indoors and then back across wet grass into the car (with beige carpet!)


So he shouldn't of walked indoors with wet shoes on but also the ink shouldn't of come off


I've seen pics and there are faint outlines of the sole, not really sure why this as happened though as I've tested every other shoe in the shop with water and none have marked or made the sole edge make a mark.


She is coming in tomorrow again to talk about the carpet, she has hopefully cleaned off the marks, if not we could be having an interesting conversation.

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ive had a few in the past and all the carpets were white ive had people say staples one the heels have ripped there brand new 3 piece suit, keys have snapped in the lock and it cost £200 to get it fixed ive heard the lot lol. I tell them I need proof off them so I can claim on my insurance and could take a few months they have never come back yes chancers

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