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Cutting Edge exhibition

what would work best for the main trade exhibition.....  

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I do think (and I have a vested interest) that organisers should look at their calendar and sort dates that do not clash

I have ALEX on 1/2 oct for auto locksmiths and auto key cutters/programmers etc


The shoe industry has a show same weekend

so I lost some of my regular exhibitors and they lost some that had already booked mine -

I have been advertising the dates for 2 years


Maybe ALEX and cutting edge should combine- I do have an excellent organisation for exhibitions.

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Yes open and closing, I have been (some years ago) and everyone packing up before time, so waste of a trip

I meant, what time of year. Lol


In my experience, Companies would only pack up around 15 minutes before the end, if you turn up that late in the day then you're on a hiding to nothing really and never going to see much anyway! 

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Excellent show at a really good venue. An added bonus was John K, the charismatic speaker from Greece who gave us all something to think about. Was really rewarding to see that people had travelled from all over the country to be there. I can't name them all but Joe from Castle Douglas and Andy from Halesworth were amongst them. Not forgetting Flash from my home town and Tom D from The North East too. Hope you all enjoyed your day out guys.

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was a good day out Robin


thought the speaker as good as it was wasnt good for business from an exhibitors point of veiw

Vibram sole on birch stand......watch this space

Royal machinery looked ok bag press was impressive

shoe competition nice entries (dont ask me who won tho)

had a nice chat with Jennifer from Nora products that stuff looked good(hope someone takes up the distribution ;) )

seems there is a lull in retail from all accounts at the show everything is quiet in the shoe repairers shop at the moment.

good to see siserve exhibiting, the independant shoe repairer knows where to go for servicing.

Kev at Gravograph always looks busy lol

Cherry blossom said they were not busy with the independants but were busy with the supermarkets tells another story!

Were still looking for James shoe care van thats been pinched its a high top connect

liked the victordebanke body hugging cream sweaters 8)

carry on!

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