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CEA Multi-Type Tibbe Machine

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I have one and use the same adaptor for the jaguar - numbered 1 to 4 on wheel BUT

Did come with a second wheel with numbers 1 to 3 for jaguar but do not have this ..MANAGE WITHOUT

If you see the grub screw on the side of wheel - not the one on top for locking keys 


Park the wheel just under 3 and tighten this screw .... gives you the number two cut required


IF anyone as any other ADAPTORS  for the CEA multi other than the FO21 .... cash waiting


used it for a few years now ......AWwwwwSOME....MACHINE  

Updated 2023. It as one flaw however and that is the locking nut it's very hard to remove when your changing the cutting blade which involves a lot of force to remove even if youve lightly tightened it on.

The Nut seems to lock up and will not Budge ...possible due to surface area found on that huge Special nut.:roll: see pic 


Blade removal .

Step 1.

Insert Allan key in end of threaded bolt and hold firmly 

Use a wrench or bar preferably.


The nut which is one full piece see pic. should loosen clockwise with a spanner as it's left hand thread.


Cutting Blade size  80 X 2.5 X 22 

SG12 /AY100/C   cutting blade 

And is a 22mm bore .. confirmed.

Locking nut size if required.

Nut size M14 X 1.0 mm pitch with left hand thread and is a VERY hard to find nut... even online !!!

I Had to order the Nut from China in the end and purchased 2 so I have a spare one 

The machine is great for cutting 

Abloy classic and high profile to code given the correct adaptor is  made for the already existing carriage 

My CEA multi is now fitted with a plate and nut...2 part to make it easier to remove.\:D/

Happy with small modification 

Good luck



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