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wedding ring engraving


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What machines are out there for engraving the inside of rings.....


I do have a is200tx but know the attachment is very tricky to master.


I don't mind buying a dedicated machine if it gives good results, at a fair price


Thanks in advance!


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k4mrc was selling manual ring engravers they seem to be the easiest

ive had all the ring engravers and they are all tricky

there is one on ebay just now with rings for sale

you will use it once in a blue moon

doesnt do bangles or those baby christening bangles

your better mastering hand engraving for them to be honest

carry on! 

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We've got a ring/bangle attachment on our Universal 300, and yes sometimes you are working almost blind. Trying to line the diamond up to the edge of a 5mm wide ring when you don't want to be more than quarter of a mil out, can be challenging. Especially when the ring is mostly hidden by the clamps. But hey ho.


I've got round the squashy baby bangle problem by holding them in a separate clamp in the vice, putting the bangle diamond on and offsetting the workspace by 70mm to the left. That's the distance between where the cutter usually sits and where the bangle diamond is. It does mean you can only do one name at a time before having to move the bangle round and reclamp, but I'm pleased to have cracked it.  


We usually charge £20 for the inside of a ring or bangle.



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