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Umarq RX image issue

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Hi guys,


I'm told you know a thing or two about these machines and what makes them do as their told.


Quick background, I make my own range of Locksmith tools and wanted to engrave part numbers, basic text and my logo.


Went to see Mastergrave and came away with an MPX-90. I found it quite simple to import a jpeg of my logo, click a few buttons and end up with a good image outline and text which I was happy with.

The MPX-90 did a good job engraving on aluminium and brass parts but the finished engraving wasn't as deep as I would have preferred. And it wasn't that good on stainless steel either so came up with a plan B.


So when a used RX came up for sale I asked the seller a few questions and was happy with the answers so bought the machine and the pc that was running it.

Tested it on a few scrap bits I had and the engraving was deeper and more defined which was good.


Then I tried to import my logo and soon realised that this was not as user friendly as the MPX-90.


Asked on the PLF locksmith forum as I believe a lot of the locksmiths have shops with engraving machines so thought I might get some pointers. Mark Doyle who is on this forum stepped up and converted my logo into .eps format which I read somewhere the Umarq machine requires. Saved the file on a usb, plugged it into the engraving pc running Windows XP, tried to import the file into the engraving software but just get a blank screen.  


Mark kindly sent me various file versions of the logo but none seem to work. I can open the files in Adobe illustrator and they show up great, tried saving as an illustrator file and again the engraving software didn't have a clue.


I have attached a jpeg of my logo to give you the idea, and a screen shot of the logo the MPX-90 came up with which is adequate for my needs. 


Any clue why the Umarq won't play nice?



GJ logoSKS.jpg

screen grab.jpg

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I can feel at least three more posts coming on asking to translate that statement into English


I will endeavour to try.


Thank you

maybe space the letters out a little too, unless you want the letters to be touching, what Craig is saying is use your 120 degree static diamond on the feather touch, set the hatch infill to 20, in the production box, use the diamond drag setting, set the retract to 4.00mm and the depth to 2.00mm for the pressure and away you go

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