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Reducing heel size mens shoes

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Hi, i have a pair of really nice loakes lying about which i was given as a gift but never wore them because i find the heel a bit too high for my liking, does anyone know would it be possible to reduce the heel size or not? If not i will just put them up for sale on eBay.




These are the shoes





Thanks in advance

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They look balanced with the sole if you brought them into me I wouldn't lower them although it's only a photo so can't be sure!



why not? surely if you explain to customer about the effects it would have on the shoe and they are happy to accept the risk, then it is up to them, had this problem today with a customer wanting 2 pairs of stillettos lowered, she was advised not to do it, she wanted it done, i done it and 1 pair had a metal rod inside the tube to support the heel i imagine, i told her i couldn't do them for today as i would need to remove tube, knock out pin, rebuild heel slightly then heel them before i could get them back, had the usual hullabiloo about how she needs them for tomorrow, wish i hadn't done it now. wish i had listened to you, blah blah blah, she was told to phone back at 4:50 as we are open tomorrow and could possibly have them done for the morning, i got the shoes done, no phone call, at the end of the day, if you can do the job and the customer accepts responsibility if it goes wrong, then do it imo 

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