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How to cut Magnum /superior keys

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Have just cut our first non-sticking key with our new Mustang.


Using a 90° cutter and a 90° tracer for the dimples (cut at alternating 13.5 angles)

1.5mm tracer and 1.5mm cutter for the laser cuts. 


We are using the spring setting on the machine for the tracer when cutting dimples.

We are calibrating the height so that when cutting the dimples if the cutter and tracer are positioned over flat metal and depressed the cutter makes a very slight mark on the key.


We are plunging and then making small circular motions to mortice out the shape of the dimple.

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85/90/95/100 used all these cutters for the Magnum and they have all worked.


I was told to use the 95 degree cutter by sks when i bought my machine.


Buy the 1.5mm cutters from NW Keys, a little more expensive but they are shorter so don't snap and last longer.


I also buy the Keyline blanks as they seem quite soft and don't blunt cutters as quickly.

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St.Am92, Graham, is it just me, or does the setting tracer and cutter instructions as found in the Mustang instruction manual make no sense? Maybe it's how I'm reading it, but it seems that if I were to follow the instructions verbatim then I would end up cutting a hole right through a key blank before I had managed to setup the machine so that cutter and tracer are level. Can happily post a scan of the page...

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I never received an instruction manual with my machine (don't really need one to be honest).


Fix the tracer so it is locked in place with the black plastic knob to the left of the tracer.


Insert the cutter making sure it is lower than the tracer then tighten the grub screw.


Put 2 key blanks in and bring the carriage down until the cutter hits the key blank, then unscrew the grub screw that holds the tracer in and bring the tracer down so it touches the key blank. Tighten the grub screw, Cutter and Tracer should now be aligned.


That is how i do it, you can then unlock the black knob and use the micrometer for micro adjustment.


Hope that makes sense.

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