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I'v been in the key cutting game now for just over 2 years and have learnt a lot from this forum, but one thing i am struggling with is safe keys.  I would say about 40% are returns.  Attached is my latest attempt that didn't work.  I notice this one seems to have curved cuts so i don't know how i'm meant to replicate that.


I have seen these digital machines from keyline (sigma i think that cut safe keys from about 12k plus vat.  Has anyone got one or should i just get a better manual one?  Attached is the photos of the keys and my old RST.


Any advice would be appreciated

original key.jpg

side by side.jpg


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1. Always try and use genuine blanks

2. Use a good quality vernier caliper and measure all cuts (digital are best).

3. I always cut the keys square and round by hand at the end.

3. Set the cutter a fraction higher than normal on your first cut then use the calipers and measure again. Adjust cutter depth and recut always using the caliper. Adjust slowly till close enough to file.

4. Hand file the curved edge to the same as the original and measure again (if it is more than 25 thousand of an inch out throw it away and start again.)


I have a Silca Lancer that is just for double bit safe keys and i have not had one back for a couple of years.

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Combi Line is the model of safe that you are trying to make a key too..............it helps greatly if you know your products before attempting to complete a job.

we all need to start from somewhere, as has been previously stated,  he has only been key cutting for 2 years, i assume going by your comments you know everything about all the products you use, must be great having that capability, what's your secret?

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every one who I talk to cutting 'double sided' safe keys always state they never get them back - the reality is imo that all key cutters get the occasional one back, trial and error - BUT the main problem is using the correct blank, get this right and your more than half way there


Most important key cutting tool in my shop is the Mitutoyo digital vernier. Measure, measure and measure again.

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