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Sorry for all the recent posts on similar topics. £6000 is a lot of money to spend without doing a bit of research/canvassing opinion.


I've seen a bit of love for the Keyline Ninja which I gather predates the Futura. 


Someone mentioned it's a quicker machine.


Basically I'm interested in:-


-Cutting Lowe & Fletcher to code

-Cutting Magnum to code

-Cutting Mul-T-Lock to code

-Cutting Yale Superior to code

-Cutting CISA to code

-Cutting ISEO R6 & R11 to code

-Cutting Eurospec MP10 to code

-Cutting Avocet Pioneer to code


I'm interested in the thoughts of members on which machine we should invest in. 


It's a tricky decision to make because there are no reviews anywhere online I can find, so it's a decision unlike most other expensive purchases...


Thank you!!

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im not a lover of the 1 machine does all units , i feel alot is lost in build quality and life expectancy as well as speed and reliability in order to get 1 machine to do all . though if lighter use one can do well with them .


i see futura and A9 as lighter use machines 


id class machines like ninja vortex and ninja laser as medium to heavy use machines , built to last and specialise in what they do 


then the heavy use machines like viper , 399 , triax , verso , desmo etc that are built to cut thousands and thousands of keys and truly last .


the correct machine really does depend on heavy , medium or light use , whether you need an all in one machine on lighter more varied use,  or seperate heavier duty machines  that fit your needs better if needing heavier specific use .


futura is a nice looking piece of kit , but i cant see it giving the years of service that a viper , 399 or triax will give , but it gives a lot of coverage for alot less ,  just as a vortex wont give the same heavy service that a verso will give .


theres no right or wrong machine to advise , the best choice is entirely down to the users needs and expectations .and of course budget


i have a ninja laser , a viper and a miracle A6 , all are good machines for what i need but viper and ninja laser are in a class of own , what ever avenue you go down , you cant beat keyline or silca on machines for quality and reliability.

ive seen the keyline machines being built in venice which was impressive , and i have had alot of time playing with their entire range , they are exceptional quality and built to last so i must confess to having a liking to them , but i also have a range of silca machines that have also never let me down .

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