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  So I had a customer come in asking if I could copy a Enfield hx key because she had been quoted £55 from mr t and thought that was to much. I contact SKS and ask if they can supply me with the blanks and they say yes no problems but I have to have at least ten and pay £5.50 next day postage, this was last Friday. I inform my customer what it will cost and how long before they arrive,

   They never arrived on Monday so Tuesday I call SKS to ask when they will arrive only to be told the order was missed and they will re order for Wednesday delivery. Wednesday arrives and no keys , so I speak to SKS who say the keys are on their way with the courier.

 At 4.15 pm and still no keys I decide to call SKS again and this time I am told they are restricted keys and they cant send them.

   What do you guys think of this ..

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Had a similar situation with nwkeys recently.


Even though they posted to wrong address they wanted to charge me a second time and "give me a credit note" for the original order but only when the original order had been returned to them???? oh really I said so how on gods earth do you expect to get the original keys back? youve sent em to an address that is no longer in use, postman pat ain't that smart luv he rarely returns mail back to the sender in spite of what is in their terms and conditions. Not to mention it was your mistake and not mine, you need to fix the problem and don't put me out of pocket in the mean time


Anyway sorry for going off on one - whilst I feel for your situation I've got to say SKS have always been great for me as have Davenports, maybe they've got a new trainee manning the phone and running round the warehouse, they did once "lose" my order but were excellent in correcting the situation not like that other lot from the converted fire station

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Codringtons....you must be joking....they don't want my business despite trying on numerous occasions.


A local school school bought an amount of the papaiz padlocks all keyed alike from a locksmith long since retired, they approached me to help re-order the same padlocks...contacted Codringtons by phone, email twice and in person twice at shows....total waste of time, they promise to deal with it and get back and never once had a return call / email.

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They are usually pretty good although they have some very weird pricing structures and they do suffer from being a small company trying

to act big.


I have had some really good service from Codringtons but i have also been let down on odd occasions.


I think you need to get hold of the right person when you call.

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