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Honda Civic remote /key question

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A couple have just bought from main dealer a o8 plate civic

With only one remote key , they asked dealer Iff poss to have a second key made but dealer would only make a second remote for an extra £250.

We have programmed a new gti chip & used hon 31p blank ,

After explaining to the customer it's not going to be a remote just key in door & key to start ..

Happy days

Key cut & programmed .

Now strange thing is

If the key unlocks the car no sooner as the door opens the alarm goes off & you can still put either key in ignition & engine will start but alarm still goes off

We have programmed various civics & a 07 Honda Jass

With the rw4

But only this one has the alarm been going off with door key ,

Does this mean that the civic can only have a remote key to disable the alarm system .

So a second standard key is pointless Iff the remote is armed the car & you loose the remote key

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It's to do with the spec of the model.

Most models except the base and a couple of lower ones have alarms as standard.


If the car doesn't have body coloured wind mirrors (black/grey plastic type) then it will be a base model which don't use remotes, manual key. If the mirrors are coloured it can still have remote dead locking rather then an alarm. It's always worth a checking.


But even if it has and alarm remotes on 48 are a manual process. You can get an aftermarket case from 3D for around £30. The ones you can't do are 46 as the remote is diagnostics only.

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