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Citroen C4 Picasso 14 plate

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so we did a job for an agency for a proximity key for one of these cars

the advanced diagnostics IQ says it can be done (it cant)

the arbrites doesnt/didnt support it (they said they used this)

the agency said their guy had to go back and programme the proximity part into the car

ive been told its dealer only tool that can do this

this job was 90 mins away from us(we cover a large area)

they are trying to stiff us on the payment

any input on this ???

carry on!


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Take immediate payment via card ,baccs, or cash , no credit for non accounts and get an email order sent over ,If it was an emergency then the consumer rules change etc, But they should have given you the chance to sort it  within 7 days etc


IQ states ......Programs immobiliser in slot only. No Proximity programming  on citreon , also advise that its a peugeot 508,



IQ 508 procedure ,

Remote coded during the key programming procedure but must be synchronised as follows:
Ignition OFF
Remove key from key reader
Close all doors
Insert remote key into the key reader
Ignition ON
Ignition OFF
Remove remote key from key reader
Immediately press and hold any button on the remote control for at least five seconds
Repeat the procedure for all remote keys to be synchronised.


!!!!!!!! You MUST (re)program the original working remote control key (if you have any) first.

Lock time for 3 incorrect PIN codes is 15 minutes ignition OFF, 5 minutes Ignition ON - in that order.


Good Luck.

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If you search the AD forum I was the one who originally raised this issue with AD. My car was a Citroen DS5 and I had the same problem. The prox part is programmed separately from the transponder and neither my AD or avdi would do it. The IQ was changed in the strength of my job as when AD did the testing it was on a car with a working key that was deleted and added so they assumed the remote juts synced itself. Dealer tool only still as far as I'm aware for the prox part

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