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On site engraving

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We've been asked whether we will attend a local golf club and engrave their cups on their premises, due to insurance reasons they don't want them leaving the club.


Has anyone else ever done this and is there a business opportunity here.....or more trouble than it's worth?


Any thoughts?

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We have extra 'goods in trust' insurance as part of our policy that means that we are covered well beyond the value of the cups that the golf clubs bring in to us each year. 

And they bring in a lot...


I certainly wouldn't bother with the hassle of taking all my kit out to them to do it on site.

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I've never done it but yes there's an opportunity. The majority would say no. It would be a huge faff moving an engraver and not without your own risks of braking something.

I'd want double on everything engraved along £300-£400 hundred on top of that for the onsite faff tax.

Yes I am with Lee


If you go ahead don't be shy on your pricing

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Hi Paul,


Try persuading the Golf Club to arrange 'Goods In Transit & Storage' cover through their own insurance company.  I engrave many 'priceless' trophies for a large organisation and they happily cover me as it would not be viable for me to arrange such cover.


There is too much risk of buggering up your machine with each move but not only that, you will probably be constantly disturbed by inquisitive persons who want to watch your every move and there is nothing more offputting than someone hovering over your shoulder when you are busy sweating!


Goog luck.


Handlebars Andy


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