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mult-t-lock - do not duplicate

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Hi guys,


I'm wondering if anyone can help with this key,


First of all the customer has just bought the house and the key works on all doors in the house so they are desperate to key the same locks.  The showed me the solicitors contract which proved ownership.  I'm thinking this is enough to cut the key?


Secondly, does anyone have any idea how to decode this?  Im using the miracle machine and the cut i did doesn't work.  They need 3 - 4 of these keys with the option for more in the future.


Can anyone help me decode or can anyone supply me with these cut to code from the photo.


The miracle is decoding these as (2, 3, 0, 2, 4) - there are no cuts on the side of the key.  The black key is the original... the yellow one is tyhe one i tried to cut on the miracle machine.


Thanks in advance




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