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How to cut shapes out of zinc?

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I am looking to supply engraved zinc labels for a customer, but need them to be cut out to a specific shape (not just a rectangle).

Cutting them out on the engraving machine isn't an option as the first order (if I manage to secure it!) will be for a quantity of 250 pieces. Hopefully more orders will follow I due course.


I've had a rough quote to get a die made up in order to stamp them out of the sheet, but this is around £1500.


The zinc is 0.7mm thick, and comes from engravamet.


Does anyone body know of any alternative way to get these cut out?

Can it be done on a laser machine?

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Hi Craig,


Research thoroughly before cutting zinc with a laser.  It may be nothing to worry about in this case but zinc is a primary component of the 'galvanising process' to help prevent steel from rusting.   It is extremely dangerous to cut galvanised steel with any thermal source as it creates cyanide gas as many a welder will testify!

(Well... if they are still alive they will!)


Handlebars Andy


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