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Retirement sale

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Am I allowed to do this ?????



Stuff to go  - all sold as seen    and  + VAT


New Ultracam Twin Post  Long Leg Stretcher £525


New Ultracam  Twin Post Mini Stretcher   £295


New Ultracam Boot LEG stretcher   £275


S/H  Frobana Single post stretcher £95


S/H HD key boards ( green)    7 boards cylinder / car / Mortice with a lot of keys  £99 the lot


S/H Power Capacitor 3 Phase Convertor £199


S/H Powered slitting machine with various cutting mandrels. Cuts leather/rubber etc in to strips  Â£ 295


S/H electric Heat Transfer press for foil or heat embossing £95


S/H Exhibition Display stand in Blu/Grey material Covers approx. 5m x 2m with carrying cases, £99


ALSO  *****  Heavy duty Cutting Press ****** complete with various knives.


Loads of other stuff too much to detail here.


Collection preferred.  UK Shipping at cost.   Donation to the forum if sold.


phone 01709 543335 for more details



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The clue is in the word - retirement. 


Tim and I are retiring at the end of this year.  Yes I know I don't look 65.  That is because I am only 64.  


But the business will live on..........................but we have to move a lot of stock which is no longer required. 


 Please be generous and buy something :smt039



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Hi Mick


Sorry I always have difficulty uploading pics.  I will try  to get a photo of a couple of the panels later today and once I've got  a head of steam on the computer thingy  I will upload them. It is the setup which we have used for many years at the CE exhibitions.  You can stick Velcro backed stuff to it

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