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Which watch batteries do Timpsons use?

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Got to go through my recycle pot to find a battery that had been fitted by Timpsons because the customer wants to take it back and complain. Fortunately it was a fairly uncommon size so there's only a few to choose from.


She said it had been sold to her last September as a 'longlife' or 'lifetime' battery, but when I took it out I noticed that it had leaked. This narrows my choices down even further, because there's only a few leaky 361s in there, but I don't want to give her the wrong one. The one I think it probably is has no make on it but does have Germany Silver stamped on it. Does that ring any bells with anyone?


Thanks, Valerie

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once you've handled the watch I'd have thought they have taken responsibility for the complaint anyway, if someone brought a watch into any shop with the battery already removed & replaced by someone else  they could never prove it was the battery that was in it or that it had failed in THAT watch. ridiculous.

If it was me, I'd explain exactly what you've written here & give her a bag with all the batteries you've found that fit the bill & leave her to deal with it. time is money.

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I wouldn't feel obliged to go through the pot. She should hace taken it straight back to timpsons in the first place.

I'm reminded of a similar incident years ago at a shop I worked in. The manager came out to the irrate customer and threw the pot towards the customer, spilling it all over counter. " go on, take your pick.!" I had to tidy it all up.

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She had taken it back, they checked the battery, said that the voltage was fine and that if the watch kept stopping then there was a problem with the watch. Fair enough.


It stopped again and she brought it in to us for a second opinion. Unfortunately the whole story was not passed on to me so, when I came to open it up and saw that the battery had corrosion on it I cleaned the contacts, popped a new battery in, made sure it was going and put it in the 'ready for collection' box. By the time she came back it had stopped again and it was at that point that I was told about the longlife battery and she asked if she could have it back. 


In the interests of good customer relations, and knowing that there wouldn't be that many corroded 361 batteries in the pot, I said I would have a look and see if I could find it. 


I agree, Timpsons will probably wash their hands of it and I wouldn't blame them, but if that is what the customer wants to do then that's up to her. Hopefully, next time she wants a battery replaced she'll come to us instead.

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If she came in to me after she had been to you, I would tell her that the watch needs a service and would have to pay for it.

The guarantee is for the life of the watch, in this case the watch is dead but if it's serviced the guarantee would resume.

It would make no difference to me if you had touched it, either way, it's still not working

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If you serviced it, how would anyone know?

The customer could just keep taking the watch back as normal.

We take the codes off the watch back not the movement.

Make yourself some money. Timpson would likely charge £45+ and would probably send away for up to 12 weeks



Does every watch has its own serial number? Or I'm blind!

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