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I'm having the most exciting day & it doesn't involve a shoe!

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As a lot of you know, I started doing bike repairs last year. one thing I did which was a huge success was a "full moon ride" event, which got 80 riders outside my shop door on a dark monday night in October, it was a marketing master stroke!

well June the 20th See's this years summer solstice & its also a full moon, I new the date was approaching fast so finally today update a webpage I have for it & launched a facebook event page, as I did last time......

Just after I did that I published a photo of a loo roll holder I'd just finished making..

loo roll.jpg

Now I didn't think much off it, posted with the pun "this is how I roll" and to me it was just another photo! likes started pouring in for the picture and someone said I should share it to a magazine, so again not really thinking I shared it to the biggest media of them all in cycling "global cycling network" who have a massive facebook following & a mighty youtube channel!


Well from then till now I have not left the computer! they shared the picture on their facebook feed 501,983 (likes) and the messages I've had!


The summer solstice is already gathering pace with local shares, and has 13 confirmed going (last time I had 43 confirmed & ended up with 80) in the first couple of hours, so hopefully it will be another success!


what a day! I'll be working late to get the real work done! one day I might even work out a way of making a living out off all these things I do! I just need to strike oil!


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